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Amateurs should not provide America's security
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    As the months go by in the Obama administration, the record of safety posted under President Bush becomes more and more impressive. It is now quite clear that our new president has surrounded himself with individuals who are being "paid back" for their support in the last election. However, the forced resignations of Communist "Czar" Van Jones and communications director Anita Dunn, who openly praised Chinese Chairman Mao, provide evidence that Obama's choice of advisors was flawed, and suggests that we have an amateur in the White House.
    Recent conflicting statements by Secretary Napolitano regarding the Nigerian terrorist's attempt to destroy a planeload of passengers must be viewed as amateurish. News programs are now calling her unqualified for the Homeland Security position, and are indicating that her appointment was payback for early endorsement of Obama's candidacy. The secretary's allegiance to the president may be admirable in some circles, but does she just typify one of the two characters in the biblical story of, "The Blind Leading the Blind," where both of them then fall into the mud hole? This disturbing outcome is not the "change" voters were seeking.
John E. Carlson

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