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Letter to the editor - Bring recycling back to Bulloch County
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Bulloch County must again recycle and reuse our trash.
I have spoken with a friend who takes her trash to Augusta when she visits her daughter – Augusta recycles.

We send our trash to a landfill in Chatham County, where it rots and or works itself into the ocean
We do not need to spend money on a “consultant” telling us what we know is not only desirable but necessary.  Call the city of Augusta and see who they are selling to.
We are killing the earth and all in and on it – we are killing ourselves. 
Bulloch County commissioners – you are the people who can and must make the difference in our area.

We, the people, have no qualms about dividing our trash into paper, cardboard, metals, tin cans, glass. The county stopped dividing and simply makes a simple load of everything.
We need and must reuse our waste – paper, cardboard, tin, glass, plastic, etc.

We can tell by our weather that things are different. Global warming is real. We are destroying what was given to us to live.  
We are looking to you, our county commissioners, to change this.

E. Ruth Green

Bulloch County   

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