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Best of the Boro winners enjoy the honor
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Jan Moore
     For the last seven years, the Statesboro Herald has sponsored the Best of the Boro Reader Favorites contest. In the past, readers would cut their ballots out of the newspaper, complete them and either mail or deliver them to the Herald.
      This year was different. For the first time, readers could cast their ballots online, choosing Best of the Boro winners in 99 different categories ranging from best local accounting firm to best wireless telephone company. The only caveat was that only one vote per day could be cast from any given computer.
      The votes poured in (the most in the history of the contest), and the winners were announced just over a week ago. There were many first time winners, and some perennial local favorites.
      I thought it would be interesting to ask some of those selected what it meant to them and to their businesses.
      "This award means a great deal to us," said John Lee, co-owner of Lee, Hill, and Johnston Insurance in Statesboro. Lee's agency has won the best insurance agency designation for the last seven years. "This is one of the very few ways that a local business can get local recognition."
      Lee said it is an important marketing tool for his firm. "Pratt (Hill) and I use it in every one of our sales pitches," he said. "We are the only insurance agency that has been voted Best of the Boro, and we are very flattered by that and extremely thankful. It is a wonderful honor to be recognized by your community in this way."
      Lee isn't the only one who sees Best of the Boro as a plus for his business. "Winning this comes from the people of Statesboro," said Craig Deal owner of Deal's Antiques and Mattress Store on Highway 67 South. "We won as best mattress store and best antique store. We have won best antique store for the last seven years in a row. You better believe it means something. It makes us feel very special, and we are just tickled to death."
      Because the winners are determined solely by the number of votes that they receive from Herald readers, local businesses love receiving the distinction. Therefore, I extend kudos to those of you who took the time to vote even though those you voted for may not have won. It does mean a lot to those who work and serve our community, including myself who was voted best local columnist (for the first time.)
      May I extend my gratitude on behalf of all of the winners of this year's Best of the Boro contest. Thank you all for taking the time to participate.
      Until next week, I bid you au revoir.
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