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Inside Bulloch Business with DeWayne Grice - Sobe Nails creates an upscale experience
W Sobe Nails
The new Sobe Nails salon is located behind South Beach Tanning in the Woodland Square shopping center.

With Valentine's Day coming up Sunday, many of you are still looking for the perfect gift idea.

Brian Carter and sister Amanda Lee have a great Valentine's gift idea for you with their new business Sobe Nails, located behind South Beach Tanning in the Woodland Square shopping center.

They opened South Beach Tanning a couple of years ago after their family sold the local McDonald's franchises. South Beach Tanning, a franchise based out of Florida, is very popular with local college students. Their model is a membership one, in which their clients pay a monthly fee based on the amount of tanning they desire.

With space in their current location to expand, they began surveying their South Beach Tanning clients about options that would complement the tanning business. The one constant request was a higher-end nail salon.

Sobe Nails' general manager is well-known local cosmetologist and esthetician Lora Clifton. In addition to managing the business, Clifton also provides esthetician services. Martha Martinez is the nail tech manager and makes sure her team meets the high standards and expectations of the owners.

Another unique aspect of Sobe Nails is the "Man Cave," which is a private room for men or couples who want an even more private experience.

Carter is also known for his ownership of 40 East Grill and The Hall On Vine with business partner Woody Pumphrey.

Since purchasing these venues last year, they have continued to increase the customer experience.

"One of our key differences at 40 and The Hall is the team we have in place," Carter said. "We have given our executive chef, Dustin Bailey, complete freedom in creating a menu that people love and crave. Dustin is one of the most talented chefs in Statesboro, and our regular clients agree.

"Stephen Maenpaa, our general manager, is dedicated to keeping the operations running smoothly and ensuring inspiring customer experiences every time they visit," Carter said. "Shelby Pope is new to The Hall On Vine and serves as the event coordinator. She brings a great work ethic and wonderful ideas to growing that part of the business."

40 East Grill launched Saturday Brunch from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. last Saturday, which offers a completely different dining experience. They are accepting reservations, and, while usually closed on Sundays, they will be open this Sunday for Valentine's Day.

All four of the businesses with which Carter is involved are known for the high-quality standards under which they operate, their unique differences and incredible customer experiences.

With so many options in Statesboro, it is refreshing to see locals investing in our community to raise the bar. From tanning to nails, to great dining and entertainment, to an unforgettable event venue for wedding receptions, corporate dinners or a party for friends, they are making a difference in our community by providing unique, high-quality options.

Please email DeWayne at or call at (912) 489-9499.



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