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In case of emergency
Schools practice safety drills during Severe Weather Preparedness Week
Students and teachers make their way to their designated spots in an orderly fashion during Friday's tornado drill.

As part of Severe Weather Preparedness Week, Bulloch County Schools' students, faculty and staff practiced an emergency plan in the event of a tornado warning Friday.

Ironically, the drills, originally scheduled for Wednesday, were postponed until Friday due to severe weather and road conditions earlier in the week.

The Friday drill was Mill Creek Elementary School's second for the week.

"Out of precaution, we just went ahead and practiced one anyway (on Wednesday) to be on the safe side," said Principal Patrick Hill.

Hill said the drills are well scripted, but rehearsal can help identify any possible unexpected issues and troubleshoot those issues.

"We have a good plan in place, but it's never bad to practice more than once," Hill added.

When the alarm sounded, Mill Creek teachers gathered their students and marched them in an orderly fashion to designated safe spots in hallways and bathrooms, away from windows and surrounded by structure.

Teachers held up green cards after quickly completing head counts of their students. A red card would mean someone was missing from the count, but everyone flashed green as students squatted against walls and covered their heads, just as they had been instructed.

Ultimately, the drill went off without a hitch, and the day's regularly scheduled activities quickly resumed.

Other Sever Weather Preparedness Week topics included family preparedness, how to use a NOAA weather radio and thunderstorm, lightning and flood safety.



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