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Hawk rescued, healed after fall into water treatment facility
The swift action of Jim Smith stopped a juvenile little hawk from possibly drowning after it fell in a sea of sludge and chemicals. Luckily, Smith, an operator at Statesboro's water treatment plant, was nearby and quickly netted him out and rinsed him off with a hose. Many hawks are not so lucky and often do not survive a fall into the murky water at the treatment plant. Smith contacted Debbie Baca at Raven Oaks Bird Sanctuary, a nonprofit rescue organization located just outside of Statesboro. Baca arrived 15 minutes later and found the Coopers Hawk sitting in the back of a golf cart, soggy, weak and in shock. After plenty of rest, medications and a lot of drying out the little hawk is doing well and will be released this week. If you find an injured bird-of-prey, call Baca at (912) 618-8888.

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