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GSUs 61st Annual Watermelon Cutting underway
watermelon  cutting lead
Georgia Southern President Bruce Grube (right) serves watermelon at a past annual watermelon cutting. The 61st Annual Watermelon Cutting begins July 8 and will be held every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month of July. - photo by Herald File
    Georgia Southern University President Bruce Grube and his wife, Kathryn, will kick off the summer season with the University’s 61st  ceremonial watermelon cutting on Tuesday, July 8. The watermelon cuttings are held every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the month of July.
     This well-attended, traditional summer event for faculty, staff, and students is planned for 10 a.m. on the Pedestrium near the Carruth Building.
    Georgia Southern University began hosting the annual watermelon cutting in 1948, when the late Zach S. Henderson initiated the tradition when he became president of Georgia Southern College. The watermelons were traditionally grown on campus and the event provided a time for students and faculty alike to gather and enjoy the summertime treat and each other’s company. The event, because of its popularity, has been continued by each of Henderson’s presidential successors.
    “This is just one of the many traditions that make Georgia Southern University unique,” said Bruce Grube, president of Georgia Southern University.  “While we have all the benefits of a major university, we also feature many of the personal touches that students and parents appreciate. This is my tenth watermelon cutting and I look forward to hosting it every summer.”
     In 1967, Atlanta Constitution journalist Bob Harrell, wrote,” The president’s performance on a Georgia melon has been compared to that of a surgeon doing brain surgery. Zach Henderson modestly explained, ‘It’s all in the wrist.’”
     For more information about the annual tradition, visit:
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