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GSU men's basketball coach Charlton Young's NCAA bracket
C.Y. picks a few surprising upsets, but good luck with the rest of the tourney, coach.
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(Updated at the end of play Sunday night.) Herald Sports Editor Noell Barnidge spoke with Georgia Southern men's basketball head coach Charlton Young on Tuesday night and got C.Y.'s picks for the 2012 NCAA Basketball Tounament. At the end of the first weekend of play, C.Y. had correctly picked a few surprising upsets. But his selections of Wichita State and Florida State to make the Final Four, combined with Missouri's early exit and the fall of Notre Dame resulted in a splash of red on his bracket. And Duke's shocking loss to Lehigh didn't help, although we're wondering if anyone else saw that coming. On the other hand, coach, your prediction of the success of South Florida and Ohio were pretty impressive. Your national champion, Michigan State, is still in the hunt, so there's still hope. We're just looking forward to the day when we see Georgia Southern in that bracket. We know that's coming soon. Keep checking back for updates on C.Y.'s bracket as we follow it through the tournament. (And by the way, thanks, coach, for playing along with us on this.)

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