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Garden project blooms at Open Hearts Mission
Boro’s Hoe and Hope Garden Club plants daffodils, pansies
Master Gardener and Statesboro resident Betty Reaves prepares to plant pansies that is part of a gardening project for Open Hearts Community Mission sponsored by Statesboro's Hoe and Hope Garden Club.

Statesboro’s Hoe and Hope Garden Club used a little of one to provide a lot of the other with a recent service project at Open Hearts Community Mission.

With hoes and shovels and fingers digging in the dirt, members of the club planted 75 daffodil bulbs that will burst through the ground next spring and 106 pansies to offer cheer and hope throughout the winter.

“This was a big project, but with everyone working together, it only took a few hours of physical labor after a good bit of prior preparation,” said Renee Perkins, vice president of Hoe and Hope Garden Club.

“I think most of us were sore after those couple of hours being down on our knees or squatting over,” Perkins said. “But it is such a blessing for us to be able to serve God and others in a way that God has gifted us. What better thing to do as members of a local garden club. It blesses us to bless others.”

Perkins said the club completes projects most months, though not all are of the undertaking of the most recent one at the Open Hearts mission, which is located on Martin Luther King Drive, behind the Statesboro Post Office.

“We chose this project because we wanted to serve the community in a way that fits who we are,” said Perkins. Perkins said that Delia Mobley, Board chairman for Open Hearts, was enthusiastic about the project and “told us to do whatever we wanted.”

Statesboro resident and Master Gardener Betty Reaves assisted with the recent project.

“We were thrilled to have Betty working with us,” Perkins said. “Betty worked almost 12 years at Ridgecrest Conference Center, nine months out of the year, taking care of their gardens. She loves working with any kind of plant and flowers and thrives on working outdoors.”

Reaves was not actually a member of the Hoe and Hope Garden Club at the time of the project, but has since joined the group and will most likely assist with other projects in the future.

And, there will be more, said Perkins.

“Gardeners love working in the dirt and working outdoors, close to nature. As we look in the face of a fresh flower, we see the smile of God, our Creator. We feel close to God. 

“Our club is about learning and growing in knowledge and serving our community. We want to make a difference in the lives of others and in particular with others with such great needs as the homeless.”

Perkins said that she, along with other club members, hopes the flowers will serve as a reminder to the residents of the facility that they are valued and important and that others care about them.

“For us, this was love in action.”

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