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Five cars burgled at 67 Ride Share lot
Officials advise removing personal belongings from vehicles
Damaged car at Ride Share
This car, with a window smashed in, was one of five vehicles that received similar treatment from a thief or thieves in the rideshare parking area at the intersection of Highways 46 and 67. - photo by SPECIAL PHOTO/Bulloch County Sheriffs Office

After five vehicles were damaged in a cluster of break-ins on the rideshare parking lot at Georgia Highways 67 and 46, the Bulloch County Sheriff’s Office is advising drivers to remove belongings from their cars.

Deputy Travis Smallegan spotted the damaged cars in the predawn hours Wednesday while he was checking businesses on Highway 67 South. Each of the cars appeared to have been entered and rummaged through. Investigator William Sims was called to the scene, where he photographed and processed the cars for evidence, the Sheriff’s Office reported in a news release.

Sheriff Noel Brown asks that anyone who has knowledge or information about the crimes call Investigator Sims at (912) 764-1744.

Further, drivers are warned against leaving things in their cars, said Sheriff’s Office Capt. Todd Hutchens.

“Our main thing is for people to know not to leave valuables and stuff in their vehicles when they use these rideshares, where they’re going to be away from their vehicles for a little while,” Hutchens said.

Intended to facilitate carpooling, the ridesharing parking area at the 46-67 intersection is in sight of a convenience store but is not well lighted, he said.

The Sheriff’s Office released a photo of one of the cars, which had its driver-door window broken out. Windows of the other vehicles were also smashed, and the thief or thieves rummaged through the glove compartments and consoles, Hutchens said.

“Normally entering-auto folks look for money, change, electronics, that kind of stuff” but will take “anything of value,” he said.


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