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Firefighters rescue 2 dogs from Emily Lane fire
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Firefighters rescued two dogs, unharmed, from a fire Monday afternoon in a single-family house on Emily Lane in the Johnson Run Subdivision, the Statesboro Fire Department reported.

Units from both the SFD and the Bulloch County Fire Department were dispatched at 4:04 p.m. and arrived to find heavy smoke and fire showing from the front of the house, according to the SFD news release. Firefighting crews were able to “make an interior attack,” in other words entering the home, and found that the majority of the fire was contained in the garage area.

Made aware that two dogs were still in the house, firefighters removed them, uninjured, from the structure, according to the release.

No human residents were inside the home when firefighters arrived, and no injuries were reported.

“I’m confident that the time of day this incident occurred helped minimize the amount of destruction the fire could have created,” said Statesboro Fire Chief Tim Grams. “We know that there is a direct correlation between how quickly we are notified after a fire starts to the amount of damage we are able to mitigate. With this fire occurring in the early afternoon, neighbors were able to spot the smoke coming from the house and call 911 before the fire was able to significantly spread to other parts of the house.”

Fire cause and origin investigators, employed by the Statesboro Fire Department in its prevention division, attributed the cause of the fire to a golf cart battery.

Members of the department’s Community Assistance in Fire Emergency, or CAFE, team were called to assist the home’s residents with needs associated with the fire.    

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