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Election Day is here ... finally
110308 POLL SETUP 02
Poll worker Don Carnley, bottom, tapes signs to the door at the Kiwanis Ogeechee Fairgrounds Monday in preparation for Election Day .
Bulloch Precincts
#1) Lockhart — 4472 Rockyford Road (1.4 miles from US 25)
#2) Blitch — 1757 Metts Road (Middleground Community building)
#3) Hagin — 5023 Clito Road (block building at corner of Hwy 24)
#4) Brooklet — 416 Cromley Road (Brooklet Recreation Department)
#5) Stilson — 15226 HWY 119 Connector (Stilson Community building)
#6) Bay     — 63 Lanier Road (next to fire department)
#7) Nevils — 123 Nevils-Denmark Road (beside fire department)
#8) Sinkhole — 201 Kelly Pond Road (Sinkhole Homemakers building)
#9) Register — 33 Foster Road ( (between 2nd and Railroad streets)
#10) Emit — 3023 Harville Road (just past Groover Old Mill intersection)
#11) Statesboro — 150 Williams Road (William James Education Complex)
#12) Portal — 27209 Highway 80 West (Portal City Hall)
#13) Fair — 16942 Highway 67 South (Kiwanis Fair Grounds)
#14) Church — 4 South Zetterower (Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church)
#15) Pittman Park — 1102 Fair Road (Pittman Park United Methodist Church)
#16) Leefield — 300 Lee Avenue (Leefield Volunteer Fire Department)
    Although many voters opted for early voting, there could still be lines today at the polls, said Bulloch County Probate Judge and election superintendent Lee DeLoach.
    "Expect lines, but be patient," he said Monday while county inmates and poll workers prepared for today's elections. "We're doing the best we can with the resources we have, and this is going to be a tremendous turnout."
    DeLoach predicted 79 percent of Bulloch county's voters will turn out at the polls today, in spite of predicted rainfall.
    "We're going to vote anyway," he said. "You just need to make plans accordingly — and bring an umbrella."
    Mary Ann Dickey, poll manager at the Kiwanis Fairgrounds polling precinct, was busy Monday discussing arrangements of tables and voting units. The fairgrounds precinct is the second largest precinct, exceeded only by the Pittman Park precinct, she said.
    Deloach said the fairgrounds precinct was created about 15 years ago when the Statesboro precinct, then about 11,000 strong and the largest precinct in the state — needed to be split.
    Half went to the fairgrounds, and half went to the National Guard Armory. However, after 9/11, armories were no longer used for voting and  that precinct split again — half going to Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church  — which is now third largest precinct in the county — and half going to the old William James School precinct on Williams Road, he said.
    Dickey said she has been poll manager since the fairgrounds precinct opened, and until her husband Kimsey's death about five years ago,worked with him as a  team.
    She directed a Bulloch County Correctional Institute inmate Monday to set up seating for poll watchers, who will sit and watch the voting procedure, not allowed to talk with anyone, and who will report any problems observed to Atlanta headquarters, she said.
    About 22 poll workers will show up at the fairgrounds precinct today to help voters cast ballots.
    DeLoach said a lot of people have been asking about the ballots.
    "The ballot cards are programmed like a motel key," he said. When a voter inserts the card into the screen, makes his choices and touches "cast ballot" on the screen, the information is recorded and the "card goes blank and can't be voted again," he said.
    The used cards are taken back to a poll worker, where they are reprogrammed later for use by other voters, having been wiped clean of any information from a previous voter.
    DeLoach also talked to poll workers about provisional ballots. If a voter does not have proper ID, or has shown up at the wrong precinct at the last minute and does not have time to go to the correct one, he or she may vote using a provisional ballot.
    This ballot may not include district-specific races such as state representatives, but otherwise is "as close as possible" to the regular ballot, he said.
    Provisional votes will be verified so a person cannot vote in his precinct and then try to vote in another precinct by provisional ballot, he said.
    In larger precincts the express polls will help lines move along faster, DeLoach said.
    The  machines help locate a voter's information much quicker than thumbing  through lists by had, he said.
    The hold-up at the polls today will likely not be waiting to get a ballot, but waiting for others to make choices before leaving the voting unit to make room for another voter, he said.

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