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Daughter, mom take first steps on a long walk
Pair plans to walk from Tybee Island to San Diego
W Cloud  Pillar - Walking vert.
Lisa, left, and Rebecca Bosquez walk along Georgia Highway 46 near Pulaski in the second week of their cross-country journey. - photo by Special
Two-and-a-half years after an accident left in doubt whether she would ever take another step, Rebecca Bosquez, 19, and her mother, Lisa, have set out to walk from Tybee Island to San Diego. After dipping their toes in the Atlantic and strolling along the beach with the Moon River Walkers, they set out June 12 from Tybee on an intended 2,400-mile journey. They made halting progress for eight days before skipping ahead a little in their support van to speak at the Wednesday noon prayer meeting in the chapel of the Guido Evangelistic Association in Metter.
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