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Thinking of God with Larry Sheehy - Teach children Biblical principles
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Larry Sheehy

    Almost everyone agrees that the example parents set for their children is of paramount importance. Unless we model the standards we desire for our children, it isn’t likely they will value or follow them very closely.
    The following list isn’t exhaustive; neither are the concepts expressed meant to be authoritative. Only the Bible can make that claim and make it stick! But these ideas do represent some of the specific principles in scripture that parents need to teach their children. Because you care about your children’s welfare in this life and in their place in eternity, please teach them to let God’s word have its proper place in their lives. As a Christian, that’s your opportunity and responsibility. (If you’re not a believer, I hope you will investigate the abundant evidence for the positive influence of Christianity in the lives of those who grow up in a God-fearing home.)
    So, parents, please teach your children, by precept and practice, to:
    —Know that God loves them and wants to provide what is best for them in keeping with his perfect knowledge and wisdom.
    —Love God and love others as they love themselves.
    —Fear God and keep his commandments above everything.
    —Show proper respect for people and things deserving of it. Help them know the standard by which to judge this.
    —Know the blessing of worship on the Lord’s Day and the fulfillment of worship with others of like faith in God’s family.
    —Accept responsibility for their actions rather than shifting accountability to others.
    —Be honest in their dealings with others as well as their thinking about themselves.
    —Understand the basis for faith in God and the only source of salvation in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
    —Appreciate the place of the church in God’s will and the importance of their place in the family of God.
    Real and lasting success is possible only as we learn to live in keeping with the will and wisdom of God. These principles can’t be taught in a day. They are only a few of the guidelines found in what we might call “God’s Instruction Book for Happy and Productive Parenting,” aka Holy Scripture. But if moms and dads will use the time they have with their children to model the value of godly principles, they will have a solid basis upon which to build a life of eternal value.

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