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There's plenty to do around here
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    I like Proverbs for several reasons: I learn something new every time I read it; the sayings are wise and easily understood; the glory of young men is in their strength, but the beauty of old men is their gray hair and great legs; grandchildren are the crown of the aged and that's why we had children. I realize that I have taken a few liberties so give me some slack.
    Speaking of grandchildren, we were blessed to have L.A. Maxwell with us this past week. He asked me not to use his full name just in case some of his friends might read this article. Is there no trust anymore?
    This handsome young man is large for his age — he is 11 — and has an IQ that he obviously inherited from his mom and dad. As a growing kid, he bumps into doors, furniture and buildings. I said to him, "Nameless One, be careful. I don't want to send you back home as a basket case."
    He turned to me, "Granddad, I am surrounding challenged." Work that one out in your spare time.
    Anyway, Julie and I had a plan for his week with us: lots of eating out, at least one movie, GSU Wildlife and Raptor Center, the museum, pottery shop, playing games on my Xbox 360, Monopoly (Julie won), chess, nine holes of golf, laser tag and games, Game Stop, stay up as late as he wants and an all-day romp at Splash in the Boro. He asked, "Will we be able to do all that?"
    I told him that Grandma and I were going to wear him out. He smiled real big.
    I did warn him that he'd better leave my computer in the same programmed condition that he found it. The last time he visited, it took an expert from the college to get it up and running so I could use it.
    We had been at Splash most of the morning and were walking back to the car when I said, "Nameless One, we best be careful walking here because a lot of cars drive a tad too fast and I don't want us to get hurt."
    He looked at me, "Yeah, I guess you're right. Some little kid could get killed."
    "Well, what about us older dudes?"
    "Granddad, you've been around for a long time and kids are just getting started. You know, they haven't had much of a life yet."
    "Bucko, you're saying that I am expendable?"
    "Granddad, I know people younger than you who are already dead. Gee whiz."
    I told Julie what he had said, and she asked, "Didn't you have a comeback?"
    Usually I have one on the tip of my tongue. Not that time.
    I guess Julie didn't remember the time when she was walking to the Mill Creek pool for an exercise morning. One of her friends called her over and said, "Hi, Julie. I saw you coming this way but didn't recognize you. You look so much younger far away." I don't think she had a comeback either.
    All in all, we had a great week! The only thing that we missed was the movie, "Godzilla," which most likely will win an Academy Award for more killing, stomping and violence than all the films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson combined. We did get to see "Maleficent," but the violence in it was of a higher class.
    I don't know about your summer, but Statesboro is absolutely loaded with things for people of all ages. Yeah, it's going to be hot, buggy and with some thunderstorms. Just lather up with the sunscreen, drink lots of whatever makes you feel good and wear plenty of deodorant so the neighbors won't complain. An occasional shower might help some folks, and maybe not.
    There's plenty to do around here! The first thing every morning is to thank Almighty God for one more day. Do something different just for fun. Take a long walk down the path from Gentilly and go under the bypass and run across Cawana Road without pushing the caution button so cars won't know you're coming. It makes it more exciting!
    There's a place to sit with friends and eat half-price pizzas on Mondays and five-dollar hamburgers on Wednesdays. How about trying bowling, homemade ice cream on the back porch or spraying on repellant and taking Downgirlsit, Punkin or Biscuit for a late-night stroll through the plantation?
    Start off next week with a morning at your church, sleeping through the sermon if you need a snooze, having some grits and coffee with friends and know that it's going to be another great week ahead!
    Thanks, God!

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