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Taking care of the lesser creatures
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Have you ever been shopping at ReTails? Yes, that's the way it's spelled, and it just happens to be one of the best thrift shops around.

I had the great pleasure of meeting with and sitting down to talk to the shop director. Her office is my kind of office: creative clutter, not roomy enough, but with an eye for decoration and the ability to use a shoe horn because everything fits. The paperweight on the front of the desk says it all, "Do not straighten out the mess on my desk. You'll confuse me and screw up my whole world."

The purpose of ReTails is not to make money, but it exists for the sole reason of helping the humane society to save the lives of puppies and kittens that might otherwise suffer and die. Because there is always a shortage of funds to rescue and spay and neuter, it made a lot of sense to establish a non-profit store and use the proceeds available through the sale of good and gently-used clothing, household items and furniture. If you need financial assistance, you can see if you qualify for a voucher that will assist you in having your pet fixed. And by the way, the humane society also can — if they have room — provide a foster home for a homeless animal and even find a caring family who just happens to be ready, willing, and able to adopt a cat or dog. You cannot believe what joy a pet can bring to your home!

Please do not think that I am in any way casting negativity insofar as the Statesboro Animal Shelter is concerned. We do have a very large population of stray dogs and feral cats that must be controlled. We all think differently, and sometimes, alternative solutions seem to be our only choice. However, there is a choice that can work, does work and can be implemented.

Realistically, there will always be suffering, want and need, so it is the chosen job of the humane society and ReTails to educate our community and help our community to save as many animals as possible. As overwhelming as it may seem, these programs do work. According to the statistics, cities like Jacksonville, Los Angeles and Kansas City are at an almost no-kill level. It can be done.

As the director has told me, "We have the ability and it is our responsibility to make it happen! As overwhelming as it is, time and energy working with the program says this, 'We have so many good people, it is amazing! We can do it!'"

Interested? Just drive north on College to 105 N. College, look to your left and see two houses, pull into the parking lot, walk inside and have fun looking around. You never know what you might find at a price you can't pass up. Well, if you pass it up, take time to talk to the volunteers. These folks are a hoot!

Yes, the place is full to the brim and you may have to turn sideways to navigate the aisles. By the way, if you know of anyone who just might like to donate a larger building that has good ingress and egress, then don't hesitate to call.

The Bible says quite a bit about this old earth and its inhabitants. After God created this world in its entirety, we read, "And God saw everything that He had made, and behold, it was very good." The Bible also tells us that we humans are stewards, caretakers and caregivers over every living thing that moves upon the earth.

Over the untold plethora of years, I refuse to be pinned down with quoting what I believe to be the age of the earth, which is somewhere between the Big Bang and 2014, we have most certainly filled the earth but have yet to subdue it. Before anyone raises a banner, there are more people, and dogs and cats, that you can shake a stick at, whatever that means. Some in the scientific community believe that this world has reached the BEP, or break even point. That means if we have two more people, we won't have enough food for the population. That could also mean that we old people may be turned into energy bars, if you recall the old movie, "Soylent Green," starring Charlton Heston. I believe we have the wherewithal to solve that problem, and if we can solve that one, we can certainly take care of our pets. Yes, we can.

Thanks, God, for Your trust in us!


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