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Some Kinda Good with Rebekah Faulk - Father's Day and food
W EnglishMuffins
English muffins are prepared on the cooktop at 3 a.m. on the special occasions South & Vine is open for brunch. - photo by REBEKAH FAULK/special

    Happy Father’s Day!
    There are certain foods that always will remind me of my dad. I think of him every time I see fried shrimp or hamburger steak on a restaurant menu. He always orders one of the two and a house salad with Thousand Island dressing, no matter the place. In fact, when I was younger, that was the determining factor by which we’d choose where to go out to eat.
    One of the reasons food can be so nostalgic is because it’s strongly tied to the memories we keep. Earlier this week, I asked my Some Kinda Good readers to name a dish that reminded them most of their dads, and their insightful responses made me smile.

    “My dad's signature dish is potato pie! It's filled with mozzarella and cream cheese. Hot, whipped and gooey delicious!” — Lisa

     “My dad didn't really cook a lot while I was growing up. He does cook a lot now. I love spending the night at my parents' house and seeing my girls cook breakfast with him the next morning. He creates memories with Zoie and Ava that they will remember forever.” — Candy

    “My dad couldn't ‘cook’ a PB&J because he was spoiled at home by my grandmother who was an excellent cook. Then he married my mom (lived at home while in college, graduated, married mom), and my mom is an excellent cook. Both women thought men should stay out of the kitchen, except to carve the meat on special occasions and Sundays, and they could pick out pecans and shell peas! All good food, and especially seafood, makes me think of my dad. That man loves to eat.” — Paula 

    “Deer. Cooked any way conceivable.” — Autumn
     “Low Country Boil. He has it down to a specific science, which I have taken on as my own when he's not there to assist with it.” — Will

    They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, and if that’s the case, there’s one place in town today that’ll get Dad’s heart going pitter patter. Celebrating Father’s Day with brunch, an occasion for which the restaurant opens only three times a year, South & Vine Public House is serving up made-from-scratch pancakes and English muffins, a French toast that takes two days to prepare from start to plate, along with crab cakes, country ham Benedict, fried chicken and prime rib. I caught up with Seni Alabi-Isama, owner and chef, to get the scoop.
    “There’s a lot of man hours and effort put into these dishes,” he said. “They’re not just going to be your regular ol’ pancakes and French toast. You know there’s going to be that South & Vine flare to them.” 
    One more thing that makes this occasion extra special is that it’s the last brunch being offered at South & Vine in 2014. Earlier this year, they opened to serve brunch on Easter and Mother’s Day.
    “For people who’ve already experienced brunch with us, they really enjoyed it. This last brunch of the year I really want to be an absolute home run. I want to blow people away with the food, service, quality and everything,” Seni said.
    Located at the intersection of South Main and West Vine streets in downtown Statesboro, brunch will be served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Seni says seconds are encouraged, and folks may eat whatever they like. Though the food is not buffet style, he says if you aren’t full after your first plate or simply have a hankering for more, they’re happy to oblige. Pay one rate, eat whatever you like. Reservations are recommended, so be sure to give them a call before you go.
    I’ve dined at South & Vine on many occasions, and it’s a place that doesn’t cut corners anywhere. From the quality of the flour right down to the butter, every ingredient and aspect of the dining experience is spot-on. As my daddy would say, “I’m not telling you what I heard. I’m telling you what I know.”

    Rebekah Faulk is a Georgia food writer and Statesboro-based TV personality. A Season 2 contestant on ABC's “The Taste,” she blogs at, a Southern, coastal food blog highlighting East Coast restaurant reviews and Low Country-inspired recipes. Follow her on Twitter at @SKGFoodBlog or search Facebook for Some Kinda Good.

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