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John Bressler - Sorry, I don't take surveys
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John Bressler

       Proverbs 22:6 (with my scribal insert), "Teach a child in the way he or she should go, and when he or she is old will not depart from it." I would like to say, "Teach your kids all you can when they are little and quit worrying. They'll be just fine."
       I caught a bit of news just before I left for classes and was told that Americans know virtually nothing about religion, atheists and agnostics knew more and southerners know the least. Since I am very suspicious when it comes to statistical news, I thought I would check this out for myself. Since my time for research varies, I figured I would Google and get the source.
       I discovered that 32 questions were asked and most of them required answers that seminarians should know and that the average congregation wouldn't want to know: identify Martin Luther; was Maimonides Jewish; name the country with the largest Muslim population; what is the religion of the Dalai ; and what is the relationship of Vishnu and Hinduism.
       Particular questions I have for those who did this survey: who designed this survey, what are the demographics, why choose religion as the criteria and not a topic or topics for Christians, Muslims, etc., and why pick on Southerners just because we believe in and can quote the Bible but could care less about fringe categories?
       I can only use myself as an example, but I am the curious sort who likes to read about religion and beliefs, and why there is so much diversity and belief when it comes to "That than which nothing greater can be conceived", whew! When I finish reading and get my curiosity satisfied, I then go back to what keeps my sanity and grounds me in reassurance and comforts me.
       I will never participate in a survey of math, science or cosmetology because I don't want to find out what I already know: I know a little about a lot and don't want my ignorance to be documented. I have a friend on the golf course who constantly tells me, "John, you think too much and are not equipped." I am trying to figure out what he means with all that veiled sarcasm but am afraid to ask.
       Fortunately, I am pretty well convinced that there will not be an intellectual oral exam for me when I stand before the throne of God. I am comforted that who and what I am will speak much louder than the test scores I have acquired in life.
       There is One who will stand by my side, speak for me and give me a passing grade. My grade will be no greater than any other as I will not have earned the right to graduate, using this metaphor, but will have this honor given to me by my Teacher, my Savior, my Lord.
       Thanks be to God that I did not have to be an intellectual. I just needed to be a believer.
       I don't take surveys. Thanks again, anyway.

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