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Inside Bulloch Business with Jan Moore - Turning 50 is turning out to be a blast
Jan Moore
Jan Moore

      I am just going to tell you straight up, this column has little to do with business. It has to do with my march to glory, my 50th birthday this coming July.
      Guys have their "bucket list," but I really don't want one of those. Frankly, I think it is a downer. I prefer to celebrate an impending birthday, a monumental birthday with a series of unforgettable events.
      When I told this to my husband last year, he wasn't exactly thrilled, but when he realized that he could participate, he became much more enamored with the idea.
      So the march began last December 31 with a trip to Athens to see one of my favorite bands of all time - Mothers Finest. They put on a phenomenal show, and yes we were on the front row, and the lead singer called my husband out for singing the wrong words. Classic.
      In April, we were very fortunate to be given tickets to Saturday at the Masters golf tournament in Augusta where we saw Phil Mickelson march up the 18th fairway, fist pumping his way to a birdie and contention for Sunday's round. Awesome.
       This past weekend was even better than that. We went to Talladega to see the Nationwide NASCAR race on Saturday. We had your basic grandstand tickets, and had parked our car in general parking when the phone rang.
      It was an odd number, but I picked it up anyway. A very nice man asked if I was Jan Moore, and I replied that I indeed was as I apologized for all of the noise in the background. I mean, this is Talladega.
      The caller asked if my husband and I would like to see the race from the pits. The caller was Jeff Hood, an accountant with Zaxby's, and a close associate of Tony Townley, co-owner of the restaurant chain.
      Many of you know that Townley is married to Statesboro native Elizabeth Anderson, who is my cousin. It just so happens that the Townley's son John Wes was racing on Saturday, and they thought Bill and I would enjoy seeing it from pit row.
      That was one of the most thrilling things I have ever done. With headphones on, listening to Townley talking to his spotter, we were right there, wrecked cars flying by and all. It didn't hurt that Danica Patrick's pit was next to Townley's either. Indescribable.
       I have other things planned before the big birthday including a weekend trip to the beach with 20 of my closest girlfriends from high school who are also celebrating their 50th birthdays this year. If history is any indication, we will probably be asked to leave our accommodations after the 100th karaoke version of "Baby Love" rocks the hallways.
      The point is simply this. Girls, we work hard. Don't wait, and make a bucket list. Decide that one year is going to be your year. Don't be ashamed, and don't be bashful about it. Just know you've earned it.

      So, until next Tuesday, I bid you au revoir.

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