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Inside Bulloch Business with Jan Moore - Market District development chugs along
Jan Moore
Jan Moore

      I can't help it. About every six months, I have to check into the Market District. I still think that was one of the shrewdest moves I have seen.
      Let's be honest, the mall area - for the purposes of retail development - is kind of what I call a "no brainer."
      However, the principals that developed the Market District had a vision, stuck to it, and the development continues to chug right along.
      Right now, the construction of a new Walker Pharmacy on Brampton Avenue is well underway, and it is an imposing two story structure.
      If you look closely as you zoom by on Fair Road, you will see the beginnings of construction of a Hampton Inn motel across the street from the new Walker Pharmacy.
      With all of that going on, I called the local general contractor Donald NeSmith, a partner in the development of the Market District.
      Nesmith said there are other tracks that may be developed in the coming months.
      "I understand that a sports bar/restaurant may be on the way," he said. "Given what is in here already that could be a very nice fit. I also understand more medical office building development could be underway as well."
      NeSmith and I both agree that the planned stoplight on the Veterans Memorial Parkway (Statesboro Bypass) and Stambuk Lane is going to be a very good thing.
      "It is a dangerous intersection to come through," he said. "Particularly if you are coming from the apartment/storage company side. The light was needed for sure.
      "I would also like to see one at the corner of Brampton and Fair Road, but that doesn't look as if it is in the plans any time soon."
      NeSmith reminded me that there are still 10 prime acres to be developed in the district.
      "Can't forget about those," he said. "We'll just keep working it."
      Was there every any doubt?

      So, until next Tuesday, I bid you au revoir.

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