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Inside Bulloch Business with Jan Moore - Brewery a 'game changer'
Eagle Creek set to start production of own beer
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Donald Long, father of Daniel Long, who is co-owner of Eagle Creek Brewing Company, stands next to two of the beer vats that were installed in the business in downtown Statesboro on Friday. - photo by BRANNEN MORTON/Special

      This past Friday while standing in what once was the French Quarter restaurant, I witnessed the beginning of what may ultimately prove to be a "game changer" for downtown.
      The last piece of equipment needed for production was delivered to the Eagle Creek Brewing Company and everything was being installed. There was tremendous excitement in the air as the dream of Daniel Long and Franklin Dismuke came to fruition.
      As thrilled and happy as they and their parents were, the look on face of the executive director of the Downtown Statesboro Development Authority said it all - this could be very, very big for downtown.
      "Aside from the fact that another new business is opening in downtown, this particular one has the potential to really grow and expand," said Allen Muldrew, DSDA executive director. "Also, it will be a draw to downtown as people will be able to come and sample what they are making."
      The craft beer industry has exploded, experiencing exponential growth. Long and Dismuke are poised to tap into that and have hired Cole Brown, a young, very talented head brewer from Atlanta.
      "We are very excited to have Cole on board," Long said. "He has already won awards for the beer that he has made. He is quite good, and we are lucky to have him."
      The brewery's Low Country Pale Ale will hit the market in the next two weeks. Their product will come in keg form, and is being sold to restaurants and bars.
      "As of now, there are no plans to bottle our beer," Long said. "That is a very involved process, and requires a much larger operation. At some point, hopefully, the demand for our beer will warrant that. But, right now, we are going to just be producing kegs."
      Eagle Creek will be brewing two beers. The first is the Low Country Pale Ale. The second is still up for grabs.
      "We are trying to decide between a blonde ale and our lemon lime hefeweizen," Long said. "Our plans are to let the market place decide. We will have a tasting panel recommend in the next week or so which one to produce. Also, I want folks to know that we plan to have our Tap Room open by the first football game weekend. The beer itself will not be available for sale in the facility, but a tour and tasting will be available for two hours a day as regulated by the state. You will able to purchase a $10 glass which can be used to sample the beer. We will also have live music during that time."
      So, until next Tuesday, I bid you au revoir.
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