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Fun with the Family with Julie Lavender - Share bouquets of spring with your family
Julie Lavender
Julie Lavender

Julie Lavender-040112

Listen to Julie Lavender's latest column about the beauties of Spring.

    Though summer-like heat anguished us prematurely in the month of March, Spring officially has arrived, bringing crisp weather with cool breezes, every shade of green imaginable and a plethora of pastels and petals splattered on the earth like paint on an artist’s palette. Gather bouquets of springtime memories by celebrating one of the holidays below or creating new family festivities this month with those you love.         
    National Animal Cracker Day — Purchase a box of animal crackers for each person in the family to use as playing pieces for a fun game, and then after playtime treats. Give each person a sheet of waxed paper and something to use as a partition, like a book. Have each person take out different animal crackers and lay them face up on their paper, with the book hiding their selection. Choose one animal for the other players to guess, and turn it over on the paper. Take turns asking players “yes” and “no” kinds of questions about their animal, similarly to the “Who Am I?” guessing game. The first person to guess another person’s chosen animal is the winner. After the game is completely over, snack on crackers and milk. For an added treat, dip the crackers in various flavors of fruity yogurt.  
    Dandelion Day — Take a long walk on a beautiful spring day to look for dandelions. Along the way, see how many different colors you can find — look for dogwood blossoms, wisteria vines, azalea shrubs and fresh, brand-new green shoots on trees. When you find a dandelion, make a springtime wish, and blow gently, sending seeds soaring into the air. Pick up a copy of Dandelions by Eve Bunting at the Statesboro Bulloch County Regional Library to read at bedtime tonight.
    National Woodworking Month — Go online to find instructions for completing a birdhouse or purchase a kit. Work together on the birdhouse project, then hang it in a spot outside that you’ll be able to watch the birds come and go. Sit outside in the early morning and listen to the variety of birdcalls and songs. How many can you identify?
    National Puppetry Day — Decide what characters you need to put on a fun shadow-puppet show. Draw or trace pictures of animal or people characters onto paper. Cut out the patterns, then trace around them on black poster board. Cut out the black poster board characters and glue the tip of a dowel rod in the front center of each character. When the glue has completely dried, use the characters to put on a puppet show in front of a white wall.   
    Arbor Day — Celebrate the splendor of the season’s trees bursting forth in new leaves, buds, or blossoms by adding another tree to next year’s celebration. Take the family to a nursery or garden store to pick out a tree to plant. Find just the right spot in the yard, and carefully give your tree a new home. Keep an eye on it throughout the year to see how much it grows and changes by next spring.    
    Allow time each day to be fascinated and mesmerized with the beauty of the season. Celebrate the majesty of spring, rejoice in an empty tomb, treasure those you love with hugs, kisses and holidays. Springtime in Statesboro is just too fleeting to do otherwise!  
    Statesboro native Julie Bland Lavender is married to David Lavender and enjoys celebrating with children Jeremy, Jenifer, Jeb Daniel, and Jessica.

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