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Fun with the Family with Julie Lavender - Make May a month of fun times
Julie Lavender
Julie Lavender

Julie Lavender-050211

Listen to Julie Lavender read her Fun with the Family column

      While children and daffodils proudly showed off their Easter outfits, April quietly slipped away and May emerged. The end of another school year is upon us, with tests, parties, graduation, and shredded quizzes fast approaching. I hope you made this the best school year ever, with lots of family time squeezed in between studying and homework. Finish the month with fun family memories by celebrating the holidays below or creating your own unique festivities.
      Lost Sock Memorial Day - Exactly where do all the socks go when they vanish mysteriously from the dryer? Is there a secret portal in the back that none of the other tidbits of laundry have discovered? Mourn the missing ones, but rejoice for the leftovers. Find two mismatched, lonely socks and wear them together for the entire day in honor of those missing in action.
      Mother's Day - Take mommy to a nursery or department store and have her pick out a selection of plants to take home. As a family, give her living Mother's Day gifts a new home in your front or back yard. Keep them watered and remember to tell mommy how much she means to the family!
      National Train Day and National Family Reading Week - Blend these two celebrations by locating the first book in the Boxcar Children series by Gertrude Chandler Warner. Read a chapter before bedtime and dream of adventures aboard a train. Choose a day to create a train from small boxes, like empty Cracker Jack or Animal Cracker boxes. Cut a side panel out to create boxcars; glue half of a box on another for an engine, and stack two on top of each other for a caboose.
      National Chocolate Chip Day - Make these yummy treats for a breakfast puff or afternoon snack. Separate an eight-ounce can of refrigerated crescent rolls into eight triangles. Cut each triangle in half and place about ½ teaspoon of miniature chocolate chips on the large end of the triangle. Begin to roll the doll and pinch it together to form a small ball-shape. Dip the top in melted margarine and place in a lightly greased mini muffin pan. Bake for eleven minutes. Carefully remove from pan and cool. Drizzle a powdered sugar glaze on top while slightly warm and enjoy!
      Golden Gate Bridge Birthday - Celebrate the opening of this magnificent structure by taking a virtual tour of San Francisco. Google the west coast city and dream of a vacation to California. Just for fun, watch a re-run of Full House, and look for the bridge in the opening scenes.
      Treat each day of May as a treasure by spending quality time with those you love. Enjoy the few days remaining in the 010/011 school year and begin to make plans for an amazing summer break. Until next month....

      Statesboro native Julie Bland Lavender celebrates with husband David and children Jeremy, Jenifer, Jeb Daniel, and Jessica.

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