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Fun with Family with Julie Lavender - Pumpkins, costumes and sweet treats
Julie Lavender
Julie Lavender

    Beautiful fall colors decorate the edges of roads and forests, produce stands and farmers’ fields. Cooler mornings and evenings are a welcome change. All things pumpkin adorn the menu and please the palate. Scarecrows and costumes are available for those who need them this month, and sweet treats and candy line the shelves of the grocery stores. All that and more mean only one thing: October has arrived. Make the most of this autumn month with those you love; celebrate with the following holidays, or create some new ones of your own. 
    Name Your Car Day — Does your car have a name? Well, everyone’s automobile needs a moniker. Decide as a family what your car should be called, if you haven’t already done so. Then, on a beautiful autumn afternoon, load up in the family car and go for a drive, taking in the beautiful sights of the season. After returning, write a pretend journal entry about your adventure — but write the entry as if your vehicle is describing the event. Make other entries in your jalopy journal this month after making other treks about town.
    National Newspaper Week — This year’s theme is “Your Community, Your Newspaper, Your Life.” Welcome the Statesboro Herald into your home each morning, and help your kids learn to value community and national news by sharing the paper together. Look for pictures or articles about people you know, circle a dateline from a national article and find that place on a map, or visit a new restaurant or business that’s mentioned or spotlighted. For added fun, save several days’ worth of papers, cut out individual words in the headlines and combine them to make new, incredulous story titles.
    Pizza Day — Try a little something different to celebrate this day. Make a yummy pizza dip and use chips or raw vegetables to snack. Mix together 8 ounces of softened cream cheese, 1/2 teaspoon of Italian seasoning, 1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder and 1/2 teaspoon of basil. Spread the cream cheese mixture in the bottom of a square pan and spoon several tablespoons of pizza sauce in a thin layer over the cheese layer. Sprinkle a cup of grated cheese — cheddar, mozzarella or parmesan — on top. Microwave for about 3 minutes or until the cheese is melted.
    Make a Difference Day — Join the 23rd annual Make a Difference Day and do your part to change the world, one kind act at a time, on the USA Weekend-sponsored national event. Choose a project to participate in as a family to make someone’s day better on Oct. 26 — but choose also to improve the lives of others in small or big ways each day, not just one day a year. 
    Butterfly Day — Have fun with this craft to celebrate the beauty of these winged insects. Use markers to decorate a wooden clothespin to resemble a butterfly body. Wrap a small piece of a pipe cleaner around the tip of one end of the clothespin so that each end of the pipe cleaner extends beyond the clothespin. Curl the tips of the pipe cleaner to resemble antennae. Next, search for fall-colored leaves; you’ll need four per butterfly. The leaves should be fresh-fallen from the tree so they are still pliable and not brittle. Overlap the leaves, stems pointing inward, like two pairs of butterfly wings, one on each side. Drizzle a line of glue in the middle and place the colored clothespin in the glue, being careful not to loosen the antennae. Once the glue dries, clip the butterflies wherever you choose to decorate for the day. 
    Find ways to celebrate with all five senses throughout the month of October, for this is one that should be experienced in no other way. Continue to make it an awesome autumn, and enjoy a beautiful season of fun with family.  
    Statesboro native Julie Bland Lavender is married to David Lavender and enjoys celebrating with children Jeremy, Jenifer, Jeb Daniel and Jessica.

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