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Bulloch History with Roger Allen - Ships named Augusta began in 1839
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Roger Allen

    In the early days of sailing there three main types of ships. A schooner usually had two masts, with the rear being the tallest. A Brigantine was a vessel with two square-rigged masts. A Bark, however, usually had three masts.
    There were eight schooners named Augusta built between 1839 and 1872. They ranged in size from the 11-ton vessel built in New Brunswick in 1839, to the 357-ton ship built in 1855 built in New York.
    In addition, there were 15 Barks and Brigantines named Augusta built between 1821 and 1872. They ranged in size from the 99-ton Brig built in Nova Scotia in 1834 to the 599-ton Bark built in 1841 in New Brunswick.
    Finally, there were four larger sailing vessels named Augusta, ranging in size from the 417-ton ship built in 1828 in Nova Scotia, to the 1,326-ton ship built in Massachusetts in 1868.
    The riverboat Augusta had a tragic history. The Augusta left Natchez on Dec. 3, 1838, for Vicksburg, but stopped to take on some fuel. After the pilot rang the bell to put the boat in motion the engine blew up.
    As the passenger salon had been blown "into atoms," and almost all of the passenger cabins were gone, it was lucky that there were few passengers onboard otherwise the loss of life would have been great.
    Since 1940, many ships have been named Augusta. For instance, there were two tankers named Esso Augusta: the first weighed 11,237 tons, and was built in 1940 by the Sun Shipbuilding & Dry Dock Company in Pennsylvania; while the second, weighing 70,725 tons, was built in 1970 in Italy.
    The first three modern containerships named Augusta were built in Germany: the first weighed 21,648 tons, and was built in 1986 in Kiel; while the next two were built in Bremerhaven, one built in 1992 weighing 14,867 tons, and one built in 1993 weighing 13,474 tons.
    Two new ships were built in South Korea: the first was a bulk carrier weighing 45.777 tons built in 1992; and the second was a new tanker weighing 58,156 tons built in 1999.
    Three more ships named Augusta were built in Japan: two were containerships, one built in 1996 weighing 35,884 tons, and one built in 1998 weighing 37,689 tons; while the third was a tanker weighing 41,900 tons.
    Roger Allen is a local lover of history. Allen provides a brief look at the area's historical past. Email Roger at

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