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Coastal Courier reporter embedded with 3rd ID on exercises in Europe, Africa
Anakonda river crossing

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     Caitlin Kenney, a reporter with the Coastal Courier in Hinesville is embedded with 3rd ID soldiers from 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team and 2nd Infantry Brigade Combat Team as they work with militaries from other nations in several exercises.
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Soldiers from two brigades of the 3rd Infantry Division will participate in large multinational exercises this month - one in Europe, the other in Africa.
        In the first exercise, Anakonda 16 was a massive multinational exercise organized by the Polish military that takes place every two years.
        The 1st ABCT and other American forces participated last last week with militaries from more than 20 NATO and partner countries in the exercise, which takes place across Poland before the NATO Summit in Warsaw in July.
        More than 30,000 participants, thousands of vehicles, 12 naval vessels and more than 100 aircraft were involved in the exercise.

Now in African country of Gabon
        Central Accord 2016 will be hosted by Gabon to prepare participants for regional security issues and the ability to conduct joint United Nations peacekeeping operations. The 2nd IBCT will send soldiers from its headquarters and 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment to participate in the exercise.
        The brigade is currently U.S. Army Africa's regionally allocated force under United States Africa Command. Soldiers from the brigade recently participated in Western Accord in Burkina Faso.
        The exercise will have more than 900 participants from 14 countries, including from Central African Multinational Force member nations Belgium, France, Germany and Netherlands, along with the United Nations, according to a 2IBCT fact sheet.
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