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City marijuana law on Council meeting agenda for 9 a.m.
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The proposed ordinance making misdemeanor marijuana possession a non-jail offense in Statesboro Municipal Court is on City Council’s agenda for a second reading and possible vote during the 9 a.m. Tuesday meeting.

As previously reported, the ordinance would make a $500 fine or equivalent community service the maximum penalty for possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana. This would apply only to suspects cited under the city’s ordinance and whose cases are heard in the city’s court.

Two other proposed ordinances that received a first reading before the council Nov. 20 are on Tuesday’s agenda for possible approval. One will implement the 11 a.m. “brunch” time for alcohol-licensed restaurants to begin pouring on Sundays, as approved by Statesboro voters Nov. 6. The third proposal is a “transparency ordinance” establishing a procedure for enacting future ordinances, with readings at two meetings to be required in most cases before a final vote.

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