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Chance plans to run; Britt organizing campaign
Lewis seat only expected vacancy as qualifying approaches

District 5 Councilman Travis Chance will seek re-election, he said Friday. So, with candidates required to qualify two weeks from now for Nov. 3 city elections, all three current Statesboro City Council members with terms up this year have stated their intentions.

District 2 Councilman Gary Lewis is sticking with the decision he revealed last month to retire from the council, and will conclude his 17-year tenure in December.  Meanwhile, District 3 Councilman Will Britt, who had said he would seek re-election, is now organizing his campaign. But in mid-July, Chance remained undecided.

Travis Chance

When the newspaper called them all Friday, Chance said that after giving the question a lot of thought and talking to other elected officials and constituents, he will run.

“I wanted to actually talk to quite a few centers of influence to get their opinion on the way things are going on council, and I’ve been asked by several councilmen and several other elected officials in the county to consider running again,” Chance said, “ and I will be seeking re-election  and looking forward to a very vigorous campaign.”

Chance, 37, is a financial planner with his own firm, Chance Financial Group. Originally from Millen, he has lived in Statesboro since 1998. He has been elected to council twice and is now completing his eighth year.

Those centers of influence he mentioned also included members of the public and business leaders, Chance said.

“Every decision I have made has been with significant thought as well as significant counsel with members of the community, members of other commissions and groups,” he said. “So when they told me that they would definitely love to see me remain in that position and be able to work with me again for the next four years, that’s what made my decision.”

Will Britt

Britt, 40, is now completing his third term, and 12th year, on the council, and has served as mayor pro tem, selected by the other council members, the most recent four years. He owns and manages rental property, serves as an outreach coordinator for the Boy Scouts of America, and owns a small business, Sustainable Solutions.

Britt reported that he just had his first meeting, “a good meeting,” with his campaign committee. Supporters will be helping with social media, he said. He is opening a campaign checking account and has already slated a few campaign events.

“I’ve continued to educate myself on how to better serve the city of Statesboro,” Britt said. “I am looking forward to serving Statesboro again. I have enjoyed it. I’ve brought some ideas and some changes to Statesboro that I’m very proud of.”

Britt said he has learned a great deal from almost 200 hours of continuing education and meetings offered by the Georgia Municipal Association.

“I’m looking forward to continuing to serve and continuing to learn,” he said. “There’s always a lot to learn on this job. It’s almost every day that something new comes up that some other city’s done or some other agency has done and we can learn a lot from that.”

Lewis retiring

Lewis, 65, the council’s longest-serving current member, said in July that after leaving the council at the end of the year he will remain involved in civic life as a community activist. He will also continue working as barber at Donaldson’s Barbershop, where he has been employed for 35 years.

The four-year terms in city offices are staggered so that three council seats are up this year while the other two council members and the mayor have two years left.

The qualifying fee for Statesboro council seats is $227. Candidates must file a notice of candidacy and pay the fee at City Hall between 8:30 a.m. on Monday, Aug.  31, and 4:30 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 4. Except for Friday, qualifying will be possible till the normal close of business at 5 p.m.

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