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Busy day expected at Bulloch County polls
Chatham County poll manager James Wilson loads signs into to his vehicle Monday Feb. 4, 2008 a day before Super Tuesday in Savannah, Ga. Georgia joins 21 other states across the country to take part in the largest "Super Tuesday" to date. - photo by Associated Press

    The presidential primary has finally come to Georgia, along with over twenty states and American Samoa, in a day that has become known as Super Tuesday. Though it is mathematically impossible for any candidate in either party to secure their nomination by Wednesday, today's voting could annoint someone a clear frontrunner, spell the end of a campaign or possibly even further muddle the picture.
    In Bulloch County, officials are gearing up for a busy day at the polls. Deputy Registrar Shontay Jones said that though her office has been busy, it's just business as usual.
    "The phone is ringing about every thirty seconds," said Jones. "People checking to see where they can go and vote. Just the usual."
    Last week, 1067 people cast their ballots during early voting, held in the registrar's office at the county courthouse. Jones wanted to stress that there is no voting at the courthouse today.
    In order to vote, a person will need to determine their proper county precinct. For those voters unsure in which precinct they should vote, Jones said they should not count on trying to contact the registrar's office since she anticipates the phone will be ringing all day.
    Instead, voters can check their voter registration card, look for the county precinct number and check the address below. Or they can go to the Georgia Secretary of State's Web site and click on the "Poll Locator" button on the right side of the page, then enter the information requested.
    The website is
    Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. In order to cast a ballot, a voter will need to bring an official state, federal or university identification card with their picture on it.
    Since Georgia is an "open primary" state, voters will be able to vote in either the Republican or Democratic primary, regardless of their political affiliation. Should there be a run-off election, the voter would be required to cast the run-off vote with the same party — a rule that holds true in state and local primaries, as well.

Below are the following precincts and their locations:

#1) Lockhart — 4472 Rockyford Road (1.4 miles from US 25)
#2) Blitch — 1757 Metts Road (Middleground Community building)
#3) Hagin — 5023 Clito Road (block building at corner of Hwy 24)
#4) Brooklet — 416 Cromley Road (Brooklet Recreation Department)
#5) Stilson — 15226 HWY 119 Connector (Stilson Community building)
#6) Bay     — 63 Lanier Road (next to fire department)
#7) Nevils — 123 Nevils-Denmark Road (beside fire department)
#8) Sinkhole — 201 Kelly Pond Road (Sinkhole Homemakers building)
#9) Register — 33 Foster Road ( (between 2nd and Railroad streets)
#10) Emit — 3023 Harville Road (just past Groover Old Mill intersection)
#11) Statesboro — 150 Williams Road (William James Education Complex)
#12) Portal — 27209 Highway 80 West (Portal City Hall)
#13) Fair — 16942 Highway 67 South (Kiwanis Fair Grounds)
#14) Church — 4 South Zetterower (Statesboro Primitive Baptist Church)
#15) Pittman Par — 1102 Fair Road (Pittman Park United Methodist Church)
#16) Leefield — 300 Lee Avenue (Leefield Volunteer Fire Department)


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