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Misconceptions about a GED
OTCs chief examiner helps students achieve credential
W OTC GED photo
Ken Bryant is Ogeechee Technical College's chief GED examiner. - photo by Special
      A General Educational Development (GED) credential can help bridge the gap between a challenging high school experience and the potential for future education to assist in pursuing a career.
      One misconception about many who do not complete high school in a traditional setting is that they have failed academically or have been involved in some sort of discipline issue. According to Pama Caraway, dean for Ogeechee Technical College's Adult Education program, family, social, economic and other pressures often result in students leaving high school.
      "There may be as many reasons for needing their GED credential as there are people seeking them," Caraway said.
      Securing a job, according to Ken Bryant, Ogeechee Tech's chief GED examiner, is generally what education is about.
      "People need to be able to get a good job to support themselves and their family," he said. "Without education and training, they will never have the opportunities that will be available to them otherwise, and the starting point in pursuing their education for many is the successful completion of their GED credential."
      Over the past year nearly 200 people received their GED credentials through OTC, according to Bryant.
      "That is 200 people who have had the chance to pursue their education at Ogeechee Tech, or some other school, in a quest to get a better job," Bryant said.
      Ogeechee Tech offers GED preparation classes at its three Workforce Development Centers, in downtown Statesboro, Claxton and Sylvania.
      For Bryant, watching people successfully complete their examination is a rewarding experience.
      "I know what having their GED credential means to people," he said. "It represents opportunity to pursue goals, to improve their quality of life, and to continue their education." For details on GED preparation and testing, call Ogeechee Technical College at (912) 871-1721.

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