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Inside Bulloch Business with DeWayne Grice - Statesboro ENT a key part of downtown revival
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• The Shoe Department in the Statesboro Mall has temporarily relocated to the former Dollar Store near J.C. Penney. The old location is being renovated and expanded to include the former Friedman’s Jewelers space and vacant store fronts toward Belk. The expansion will nearly double the existing footprint of the store, allowing it to carry a larger selection and higher-end brands. The store hopes to reopen in May under the name of Shoe Department Encore.

• Savannah-based Yates Astro Termite and Pest Control has acquired the former Factory Tire building at 452 S. Main St. and has begun renovations. It is currently located at 305 S. Zetterower Ave. According to Area Manager Bill Moore, the store is excited about being a part of the revitalization of South Main. Because of the growth of its business, he said, this location seemed to be a natural fit. It will greatly expand the store’s space and visibility. Yates Astro plans to be in the new location by May. Its current location will be available for lease after the relocation. For more information, call Moore at (912) 764-1882.

One of the greatest challenges in any community is rehabbing and reusing existing buildings. There is a common thought process that it is easier to tear down a building and start over.

In many cases, this may be the only viable option. However, when a new owner has a little vision combined with an interest in keeping neighborhoods and business districts intact, renovations can be a desirable option.

If you travel down South Zetterower Avenue often, then you have followed the conversion of the old Queensboro Bank building into Dr. Linc Lippincott's Statesboro ENT and Sinus Center and Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America's Statesboro location. Dr. Lippincott teamed up with architect Frank D'Arcangelo of Martin Rule & Associates and builder John Lavender of Lavender & Associates, and the end result serves as a model of what can happen with a little vision.

Dr. Lippincott has been practicing in Statesboro for over a decade. Along with his wife, Elizabeth, and their three children, David and twins Sam and Lydia, they have become a fixture in our community, especially downtown. From the Averitt Center for the Arts, Statesboro Main Street Farmers Market and Garden of the Coastal Plain at Georgia Southern University to Young Life and First United Methodist Church, their commitments in sponsorships and personal involvement are impressive. They really love this community, and it shows.

"We love Statesboro and wanted to be part of the effort to help revitalize downtown," Dr. Lippincott said. "It seemed natural for us to locate in the historic district once we knew we needed to expand our offices. The new location provides easier access to our clients and allows us to help bring more people downtown. It is a win for my patients and downtown."

The biggest change in Dr. Lippincott's practice came three years ago with his partnership with Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America.

"This is probably one of the most innovative and exciting changes I have seen in all my years of training and practicing in this field. Using the techniques developed and perfected by Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America, I can now offer affordable, easy options to significantly improve and, in many cases cure, sleep apnea in my office," explained Dr. Lippincott.

Ninety-eight percent of sleep apnea patients treated with this time-tested technique see improvement. More than 70 percent of people with mild cases see significant improvement or a cure. It is estimated that as much as 10 percent of the population in the U.S. suffers from sleep apnea; however fewer than 20 percent of those people are diagnosed.

In the past, the only way to diagnose sleep apnea was through a sleep study done in sleep centers. Now there is an inexpensive home sleep study option. Also in the past, the only treatment for sleep apnea was the CPAP machine that you have to wear indefinitely while sleeping. In fact, two-thirds of patients cannot tolerate the machine, so they continue to suffer through the dangerous condition.

If you are even mildly obese, snore loudly, experience morning headaches or are excessively tired during the day, chances are you are suffering from sleep apnea. In addition to simply being an annoying issue that prevents you and your spouse from sleeping soundly, it can lead to more serious health issues. Your risk factors for hypertension, stroke, heart disease, diabetes and depression are greatly increased. In fact, successful treatment can significantly reduce your risk for these life-threatening conditions.

Dr. Lippincott's success is in treating sleep apnea with a non-invasive procedure in the office. It improves your condition to where in many cases you do not have to wear intrusive devices like a CPAP at all.

Because of the success of this new procedure, Dr. Lippincott has seen sleep apnea treatments consume more than 50 percent of his practice. Of course, he still treats ear, nose and throat issues in his office and through surgical procedures at East Georgia Regional Medical Center.

Dr. Lippincott and his staff invite the community to see their new office and learn more about all the services he provides on Thursday. They will cut the ribbon at 4:45 p.m., and the open house celebration will be held from 5-7 p.m. The office is now located at 120 S. Zetterower Ave.

Please email DeWayne at or give him a call at (912) 489-9499.


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