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Arts camps want SHS tuba player
Colby Parker weighs scholarship offers
Colby Parker for Web
Colby Parker has a choice to take his tuba to one of two prestigious camps for musicians. Parker was chosen for the Interlochen Camp in Michigan and the Brevard Music Camp in North Carolina. - photo by Herald File
    Colby Parker is an all-around outstanding sophomore at Statesboro High School. He is a tuba player in the school band, which is under the direction of Joe Ferguson. Also, Dr. Richard Mason, an assistant professor of Low Brass at Georgia Southern University has tutored Colby for the last four years.
    In fact, Parker has performed well-enough in regional and state musical competitions and clinics that two prestigious summer arts camps both offered him scholarships to attend. Underclassmen are not normally given scholarships to either institution.
    The camps are Interlochen Arts Camp in northern Michigan — the same place Statesboro senior Melanie Schmid will attend — and the Brevard Music Camp in the North Carolina Mountains. He had plans to go visit his family in Oregon, so traveling to either location will not be a problem.
    Parker’s options are very different: Interlochen is more than just music classes; it will have some 2,400 students, and will be much more tightly structured; while Brevard is only music classes, will have some 400 students, and is more likely to be somewhat of a laid-back environment.
     Parker has only a few weeks to make a decision.

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