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Anti-abortion group: Graphic images to be displayed on Georgia Southern campus
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The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform announced in a news release late Wednesday that it plans to present large, graphic images of the aftermath of abortion outside Russell Union at Georgia Southern University today and Friday.

The center calls this the Genocide Awareness Project, with the idea that the group wants people to associate abortion with genocide. The group displays the exhibit as "a large photomural display consisting of images of historical and contemporary genocide."

"Showing students photos of abortion may make some people uncomfortable, but that doesn't change the facts about abortion — it's a gruesome, bloody procedure that murders an innocent human," said Maggie Egger, the center's project director, in the news release. "If the pictures are so offensive, then the act of abortion is much more offensive. Social reformers throughout history have used graphic images to show both the humanity of the victim and the inhumanity of the crime. The (Genocide Awareness Project) display reveals the humanity of preborn children and exposes the violence of abortion. People have a right to know that abortion decapitates and dismembers young human beings."

The center says its displays have been erected more than 200 times at more than 80 universities and a number of urban areas across the country. Staff and volunteers with the center will be at the display to discuss the images with interested passersby.

The organization's news release came hours after the Statesboro Police Department issued its own news release letting the public know that the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform had notified the department of its intent to "display graphic images on box-style trucks on the public streets of Statesboro" through Friday.

The police release quoted an excerpt of the notification: "... Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR), a pro-life advocacy group based in California, will on March 11-13, 2015 be traveling the public streets of Statesboro displaying graphic pictures of aborted children ..."

For more information about the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform, visit The center warns that the site contains graphic material.


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