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Another cold week ahead
No precipitation forecasted at this time
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No snow this time, unless Mother Nature changes her mind, but the upcoming week promises another bout of frigid temperatures as nighttime lows drop well below freezing.

The National Weather Service in Charleston predicts a week of highs in the 40s and lows in the 20s, starting with a low tonight of 31 degrees, according to www.noaa. gov.

Sunday night’s forecast is a low of 28, warming to 32 degrees Monday but back down to 26 degrees Tuesday night and 24 degrees Wednesday.

Saturday and Sunday will be breezy, and that could drop the wind chill significantly.

Highs this week range from 50 degrees Saturday to the low 40s for the rest of the week, but no precipitation is anticipated, according to the National Weather Service. The weather will be clear, with the exception of a partly cloudy Tuesday, the site said.

“There is no bad weather expected,” said Bulloch County Public Safety Director Ted Wynn. “I like to remind people of the four P’s: people, pets, pipes and plants.”

Drip your pipes to prevent burst water mains, and bring in any plants that may be damaged by the cold.

“Don’t leave your pets outside,” he said. “And check on the elderly and disabled to make sure they have heat sources.”

Stay safe with heating sources, such as space heaters, and keep them away from combustibles, he said.

During the last freeze that lasted for days, Bulloch County Extension Agent Bill Tyson mistakenly said there are no onions planted in Bulloch County. He corrected that statement Friday, stating that there are a few acres of onions planted this year. The cold snap could affect those, but other than that, the bracing temperatures should not harm any crops.

“The cover crops should be good since they aren’t being grown for seed,” he said, referring to wheat, rye or oats planted to conserve soil and water.

Tyson suggested covering outdoor plants that may be harmed by the cold.


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