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‘A Place of Pride’ prints on sale to celebrate SHS
Students' artwork will raise funds for athletics
Place for pride
Courtesy Bulloch County Schools Katie Calhoun and Abby Quinn, both juniors, were commissioned by Statesboro High School's Athletic Department to capture the essence of the school through art.

Original artwork by two Statesboro High students has been made into prints that celebrate the school and raise money for its athletic programs, at the same time.

Statesboro High alumni, faculty, families and the community are invited to purchase limited-edition prints entitled, "A Place of Pride," to help support the 17 different junior varsity and varsity sports at Statesboro High.

Juniors Katie Calhoun and Abby Quinn were commissioned by the school's Athletic Department to capture the essence of the school through art.

"The project started out with a focus on athletics and morphed into something much more," said Liz Driggers, Ed.D., an assistant principal and the school's athletic director. "I interviewed student athletes to find out what made them proud about Statesboro High."

Driggers expected athletes to talk about their sports teams, athletic records, and memories on the field, but instead she discovered that the students take pride in a wider variety of things about their school. She then reached out to Statesboro High's art teachers, Kimberly Kaiser and Hayley Ward.

"They sent me two young artists, Katie and Abby, and after commissioning them to do the project and collaborating with them about our ideas, they set off to make our vision come to life," said Driggers. 

The process gave Calhoun and Quinn real-world experience as visual artists. They were given feedback about their drafts, which they incorporated into their edits, and they had rich dialogue with their teachers and school administrators about the creative process and how to produce a final product to sell. 

"I learned all about digital art, and how the visual arts classes in our school's Fine Arts Department are truly equipping our students with abilities far beyond drawing or painting," Driggers said. 

How to Order a Print

Each 5x7 matted print comes in a plastic sleeve and is being sold for $15.00. Prints can be ordered and picked up at Statesboro High School's office. Payments of cash or check are accepted. Also, you may go to  to place an order. 

The student artists were paid for their work, and Statesboro High Athletics has the rights to replicate the artwork.

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