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88-year-old Newington man arrested for growing 71 marijuana plants
Pot bust Jones
Robbie Lee Jones - photo by Special
    An 88-year-old Newington man was jailed on drug charges after authorities found 71 marijuana plants they said he was growing in Screven County.
    Robbie Lee Jones was charged with manufacturing marijuana, which is a felony offense in Georgia.
    Screven County Sheriff's public information officer Cpl. Brett Dickerson said the marijuana garden was discovered by the Governor's Marijuana Eradication Task Force, which came to Screven County Tuesday in search of hidden pot plots.
    "The GMETF uses helicopter searches – in coordination with state and county law enforcement officers on the ground – to locate and destroy outdoor marijuana grow operations," he said.
     A helicopter crew located a stand of marijuana plants not far from Savannah Highway in southern Screven County  around noon, he said.  "Officers on the ground went to the location and discovered 71  marijuana plants ranging from two feet to four feet in height."
     Dickerson said the plants had an estimated street value in excess of $85,000, according to state guidelines. "At full maturity, each plant could possibly produce as much as a pound of useable marijuana."
     Jones was taken to the Screven County Jail, where he remained until Wednesday, when he was released on a $10,000 bond, Dickerson said.
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