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Who needs Hogwarts?
Local kids have a magically good time at wizarding camp at the Roxie
Lola Schwarz, at left, is all smiles beneath her mask as she's sorted for Camp 9 3/4 this past week at the Roxie Remley Center for Fine Arts.

Local "wizards" and "witches" gathered for a special time of magical fun this week at the Roxie Remley Center for Fine Arts.

Camp 9 3/4, for children ages 9 through 12, kicked off with students being sorted into their houses by use of the traditional sorting hat, just like in the Harry Potter books. 

Students then spent time creating their own wands, learning spells, and making crafts, potions and keepsakes of the wizarding world.

Arielle and Hannah Panepento are hard at work on their spell books.
Carter Noel works on a mask.
Declan Bacon works on modeling some keepsakes in clay.
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