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Note: All comments published in Soundoff are the opinions of the anonymous callers and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Statesboro Herald.
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"What can we eat now that E. coli is found in vegetables, meat and chicken? Maybe we should be eating dog kibbles."
    "Portal Panthers, it's time for a gut check. Your fans still have confidence in you. Please show everyone that you can play this game the way that you're supposed to play it."
    "This message is for everyone that was handin' out stuff in the Fair parade. If you don't have enough candy for all the children, then don't hand it out because there are some upset children today."
    "This is to the person that called in and mentioned the Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton. The Republicans … have … always been perfect. They … they campaign from the pulpit. The Democrats have never claimed to be perfect."
    "I'm manager of a business here on South Main Street and it's just nice to see … I drove up, there was a mess in my parkin' lot. It's a quarter to eight right now and it's nice to see that city employees are cleanin' up the trash from after the parade. Just thought y'all might like to know."
    "To the person who put in the Soundoff about Mark … what Mark Foley did and what Bill Clinton did and what Kennedy did. You can never compare what Bill Clinton did with a grown woman to what Mark Foley … what Mark Foley did with a young boy. You so caught up in politics that you don't realize what Mark Foley done was unbearable. It is a disgrace to people."
    "Today, gas in Statesboro is $2.13 and traveling into Waynesboro, gas is sold for $1.97. The Statesboro businessmen who sell gasoline products need to find out who the suppliers are to the surrounding towns and they'll be able to sell gas at a much cheaper … price. It must be that they're not good enough businessmen to find a supplier … to sell them gas at a cheaper price like the outside … outlying communities."
    "During World War II, Advisor … Churchill headed a group of advisors that … met and prayed for one minute every day at a prescribed time. You know, if we and the United States would do that, it could change our world. Every evening at 9 p.m. Eastern time … we need people who will pray for United States, our troops and our citizens and that we will return to a godly nation. Prayer is powerful. It works. God bless you."
    "The way they restriped North Zetterower coming into 301/East Parrish was a very good idea. But one thing they should have done was made it easier to get onto Zetterower from Parrish. They should have cut the drive-in — I guess that's what it'd be called — the … the curve in the road goin' on Zetterower, should have cut it a little bit more. Maybe they can come back and do that and it'll be easier for cars to turn in off of Zetterower or even a big truck to turn in off of Parrish Street onto Zetterower."

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