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Most attractive cities for recent graduates

        LinkedIn released an observational study on the migratory patterns of recent college graduates to find the most attractive cities for those entering the workforce.
        The professional networking site's analytics team looked at where its users moved after their 2013 graduation.
        "To do this, we first had to define our destination cities as places that attracted lots of LinkedIn members from a wide variety of regions in the past year. The resulting shortlist of destination cities, as defined by LinkedIn data," the company reported. "Next, we ranked each destination city by the percentage of movers who were recent graduates."
        The list released consisted of 22 cities. The top spot was given to Paris, France, with 42 percent of its 2013 new residents being recent grads. LinkedIn found that companies like L'Oreál and BNP Paribas, a major French financial services company, were the big draws for recent grads.
        Paris was followed closely by Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis-St. Paul area with recent grads making up 40 percent of their new residents.
         LinkedIn reported that they were not surprised that Paris and Washington, D.C., ranked in the top two, but were surprised by the twin cities ranking above places like New York City and London, that took sixth and seventh place, respectively.
        According to LinkedIn's findings, Minneapolis-St. Paul's appeal came in the form of Target Corporation, 3M, General Mills and Wells Fargo, all of which hired most of the new residents.
        Above London and New York City, LinkedIn reported Madrid and Chicago, who house companies like JP Morgan and Deloitte.
        Other U.S. cities that made the list are San Francisco eighth; Houston and Boston tied for 11th; Seattle 12th; Los Angeles 14th, Atlanta 15th; San Diego 17th; Denver 18th; and Phoenix 21st.
        The findings are more than merely interesting, according to Max Nisen with Quartz, "It's not just companies that compete for bright new graduates. Cities and countries also vie for them. Young people spend a lot, start companies, and draw big employers."
        According to LinkedIn, recent graduates build economies as they build and expand businesses, showing how up-and-coming some of the foreign cities like Bengaluru, India (ninth) and Sãu Paulo, Brazil (10th) are in the big-business world.
        The most surprising city on the list for the LinkedIn team was Madrid.
        "Given the current economic situation in Spain, particularly their high youth unemployment rate, we were also a bit surprised to see Madrid on the list," the report states. "When we looked at the companies that hired these recent graduates, we found the majority them were international companies, suggesting that whatever jobs were to be had weren't likely to be offered by Spanish firms."
        LinkedIn is continuing the study in hopes to, "Provide students and recent graduates with information they need to navigate an increasingly complex and challenging job market. Youth unemployment is one of the most important challenges of our time, and we hope to provide meaningful solutions in the near future."
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