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5 apps to make holiday shopping easier

        The intensity of Black Friday can exhaust even the most savvy shopper, and it's best not to brave the mall unarmed.
Preparation can be a powerful ally while shopping for the holidays, and luckily, there are several apps that can assist and ease the shopping experience.
        Amazon Price Check: While the ambiance of a Christmas-lit store can keep someone from shopping online, the Amazon app allows the shopper to enjoy the tangible experience while getting the best price. This app provides users the opportunity to search an item on its site by scanning a bar code or taking a picture of an item in the store. The app will compare the price in the store with its site and provide the best bargain.
        Slickdeals: Slickdeals' new Black Friday 2014 app pushes the average online shopper ahead of the game by notifying its users about sales before they hit the papers. Users have access to up to 90 percent off in stores like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target and more. Each user has the ability to compare thousands of marked-down deals and he or she can make purchases straight from the app.
        RetailMeNot: The coupon-clipping days are over for those who use RetailMeNot. This app allows its users to aggregate the best Black Friday deals and save them as digital coupons. The user can easily search his or her favorite store's coupons and bookmark them for future access. Once at the store, cashiers can scan the shopper's digital coupon.
        Giftster: Finding the right gift for family and friends isn't always easy, but Giftster ensures the whole family a pile of perfect presents. Each family member essentially creates his or her wish list with the exact brand, color or type of gift he or she likes. When a family member allows others access to his or her wish list, those who are buying the gift can see where they can get the gift, if it's available and if someone else has already purchased it.
        Tadd Car Finder: While fighting traffic in and out of the store during the holidays, it can be easy to forget one essential step: Where you parked your car. The Tadd Car Finder app saves its users a lot of time by collaborating with your GPS and setting an exact location for your car. The app even provides directions to get back to the car.

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