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10 of the best paying side jobs for stay-at-home moms
Raising children is the hardest, most rewarding job you'll ever do. But if there are bills to pay or you want to keep career skills fresh while staying at home with your kids, there ARE work options. - photo by Trina Boice
All moms are working moms they just might not get a big paycheck for everything they're doing. Raising children is the hardest, most rewarding job you'll ever do. But if there are bills to pay or you want to keep career skills fresh while staying at home with your kids, there ARE work options.

You need to get more creative, especially if you want to work from home. Rather than posting a resume on, which will mostly result in getting you a ton of junk mail, try connecting with people you already know on or searching for local jobs at or

You can also find some terrific freelance jobs online based on your expertise, at sites such as:

If youre artistic, you can get paid for your creativity and accept as many or as few jobs as youd like at:

Sell your photography skills at:

Virtual customer service jobs allow you to assist other companies from your computer. If you have a landline, a computer, and your home is quiet, you can take incoming calls for companies or help them with data entry tasks. See who is hiring at:

Mystery shopping is one of my all-time faves for getting paid to do something youd already do, like get an oil change, see a movie or shop at a store. Companies will pay you to pretend youre a normal shopper while youre evaluating the customer service, quality, cleanliness, and attentiveness of a selective retailer. Being certified by The Mystery Shopping Association will get you more jobs. Some companies are definitely more reputable than others, so you want to be careful who you choose to work with. Theres no need to pay for a list of mystery shopping companies, although youll find many websites which will try to get you to do just that. Start at

Market research is another one of my favorite ways to earn quick money for doing something fun. Companies will pay to get your opinion both online and in person. Do a search for Market Research next to the name of your city to find companies in your town that are looking for people to participate in focus groups at their facility. You can also find some listings at Youll meet a lot of interesting people and get paid to simply talk about what you like and dont like.

You can also get paid to take surveys online. Some survey sites are scams, so be careful. Here are a few of the reputable ones out there:

Merchandising companies will pay you to go into stores to make sure items are displayed correctly for a particular product and company. A reputable company is

Don't want a job, but just some extra cash? Try some of these ideas:

Sell an ebook. Making a Kindle MOBI from a Word document takes only 5 minutes.

Sell your stuff. Have a garage sale, donate your junk to Goodwill for the tax deduction, or sell it on Craigs List, Amazon, eBay, or even at a pawn shop for some fast cash.

Look around your neighborhood to see what people need. Offer to mow lawns, house sit, walk dogs, wash windows, babysit, do social networking for small businesses or even build websites for local companies.

Tutor what you know. Call your local high school, middle school, and elementary school to be put on their tutor list. You can also find local tutoring gigs at and , , and on Craigs List.

Sell your knowledge.There are places online where you can register as an advisor so people can pay you for your expertise. You can sign on at

Solve problems. Check out and

Sell articles to magazines. Check out

Collect aluminum cans and glass bottles to take to your local recycling center, which will pay you cash on the spot.

Work where you live. If you live in an apartment, ask your manager what odd jobs you could help with on the property to earn some extra money. Rent out a room in your house or find a roommate to help share housing expenses.

Get paid for your ideas. TV networks are always looking for new ideas for game shows or reality TV shows at www.talpacreative.comYou can get paid to help companies find clever domain names for their websites at If you can come up with a great name for a new product, go to and help them with their name my thingy projects. Submit your ideas at and if the community there likes it, you can get funded for a new project of your own.

Get your blog to work for you. If you already have a blog, you should be earning affiliate commissions or Adsense commissions. You can also get paid by advertisers to write reviews about certain products by signing up at and

Earn freebies in the form of gift cards and cash to review email offers from other companies. A great one is
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