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Connect Crime: Wally World shoplifters
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    Last week, sticky-fingered patrons tried leaving Walmart with all kinds of items. First, a homeless man was seen on camera stealing a KitKat candy bar, a flashlight battery and a fist dagger. It was listed as his second offense. Another man threatened to slap an employee in the face after he and a buddy were caught shoplifting wings, macaroni and cheese, household goods and electronic items. A third incident involved two men who shoplifted a 12-pack of Kool-Aid Watermelon Jammers and a pair of fingerless gloves.

    SCAMS EVERYWHERE — A North Kevin Court woman responded to a letter stating she was behind in rent and must leave $400 in her mailbox or else she would be evicted. She did so before discovering the letter did not come from her landlord. Also, a Windsor Road man found he was victim of a scam after placing an online order for health supplements. After tracking the order, for which he paid over $250, he learned the company from which he had ordered did not exist and the order number was fictitious.

    A WILD NIGHT — Police were busy last week when, in one night, they fielded several calls at University Plaza. One man who said he was injured in a fight was treated at the hospital. Officers responded to another reported fight with knives involved and also are investigating a reported robbery after a woman said her wallet was snatched from her during an altercation

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