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Dreaming of a bright Christmas
Bulloch County residents let their holiday lights shine
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This quaint, older home at the intersection of Cawana and Burkhalter roads is a pleasant holiday spot to see. If one continues southward, crossing Highway 67 and taking Harville Road, there are some sights along the way before taking a right turn onto Golf Club Road.

    December nights in Bulloch County take on a festive glow as residents get into the Christmas spirit by stringing lights, hanging wreaths and red bows, and illuminating homes with spotlights.
    A holiday tradition for many is taking a leisurely drive around the neighborhood to view the decorations. Some are conservative in their décor, with stately wreaths and bows surrounded by white lights; while other homeowners go all out, with hundreds of colorful lights, lawn sculptures, animated reindeer and jolly inflatable Santas, snowmen and other characters.
    Bulloch County is a large area, and it would be virtually impossible to take in every sight. Some neighborhoods are filled with festive sights, and some of the most amazing holiday scenery can be found in the middle of nowhere, an oasis of Christmas cheer that appears out of the darkness after miles of unlit travel.
    Exploring your own neighborhood, or residential areas you don’t often visit, might bring a delightful evening of enjoyment. Pack the family into the car, fill up the gas tank and drive. The most amazing Christmas display might be just around the corner.
    A recent foray into different areas of our county yielded many suggestions as to where to go to see the sights. Statesboro Herald readers also called in or sent emails to boast about beautiful homes around town.
    Those driving in the Westside area may wish to take a ride down Banks Dairy Road to see a home decked out for the holidays. Mrs. Alloe Fullmore’s red brick home is stately and tastefully decorated in color. The home is about two miles from Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church, on the left side of the road. As you travel to that spot, you will pass Dr. Larry Hubbard’s home, with a fence outlined in sparkling white lights and holiday flair.
    Another home in the Westside/Portal area that offers a sight to behold can be found on Ben Grady Collins Road between Portal-Metter Highway and Cowboy Way. A lighted carousel that moves is teamed with sculptures of lights lining a long driveway.
    Many homes in the Portal city limits are sparkling with Christmas excitement as well.
Most have heard about TMT Farms on Old River Road North. The acres upon acres of lights and sights is a must-see. There is no charge, but donations of canned goods for the needy are appreciated. The farm is about 4.5 miles west from the intersection of Old River Road North and Lakeview Road.
    Another resident in the area who shows her Christmas spirit is Rosena Shatteen, who lives on Old River Road North, close to its intersection with U.S. Highway 301 North. Neighbors have bragged on the Shatteen home and encourage people to stop by and see the sights.
    Back in the Statesboro area, people out and about may wish to drive past Ms. Shelba Olliff’s home at 301 North College Street, which captures Christmas with neat lines of lights and bursts of color.
    Across town, on Bel Air Circle, a family decorates their property every year with thousands of twinkling white lights. Just a few miles down the road, turning off U.S. Highway 80 East onto Burkhalter Road, drive just over a mile and find a Christmas wonderland with homemade holiday sculptures and a lighted helicopter, according to a tip from E.R. Williams.
    Taking a southward turn, driving down Burkhalter toward Georgia Highway 67, one will pass several subdivisions where homes are lighted and aglow. A quaint, older home at the intersection of Cawana and Burkhalter roads is a pleasant holiday spot to see, and if one continues southward, crossing Highway 67 and taking Harville Road, there are some sights along the way before taking a right turn onto Golf Club Road. Again, the various subdivisions around the old Meadow Lakes golf course offer a variety of sights, including a number of beautifully decorated homes on Hightower Road.
    One home is edged in a peaceful blue, with shrubs and other points of the home decorated in colorful tones. Another sports white lights and traditional wreaths and red bows, while a third has spiral trees, deer, flashing snowflakes and candy canes.
    Several homes in the Irongate subdivision off Cypress Lake Road are well worth driving through the neighborhood. Callers offering tips on sights to behold mentioned 135 Plantation Trail and 105 Lakeside Court, in particular.
    Nearby, the Hazelwood subdivision has much to offer as well. Lights dance along with music at 127 Hazelwood Drive, offering visual entertainment as well as Christmas carols.
    Not all the sights to be seen are in heavily populated areas. A popular scene during the holidays is Guido Gardens in Metter, off Georgia Highway 121. This is a walk-through experience that was started years ago by the late Dr. Michael Guido.
    Another popular location is a collection of families who go all out for the holidays on Caddie Green Road, off Highway 301 South a couple miles south of Interstate 16. There are 3½ acres of lights, put together by three families. Those who have visited before especially enjoy Santa’s toy house.
    These tips are guidelines for what can be a night of enjoyment for families and friends. The key to enjoying holiday lights is simply to drive and appreciate the anticipation of what might be just around the corner in your neighborhood.

    Holli Deal Bragg may be reached at (912) 489-9414.

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