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Dr. Kemp Mabry
A great month for Scots
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    January 2007 will be a great month for Scots and Scots Irish (Ulster Scots). A special issue of “Great Scots,” edited by Burtt and Ramona Higgins of the Scottish Heritage Society, the newsletter will carry details.
    Saturday, Jan. 27, the Annual Robert Burns Dinner will be held at the Statesboro Inn on South Main St. at 6:30 p.m. This is an international event with Burns Dinners held throughout the English speaking world with approximately the same program format, I understand.
    Principal speaker on Jan. 27 will be Bobby Smith. Bobby is an excellent speaker who knows the “Best of the Bard.”
    Those who have kilts will wear them. It will be a colorful gala event in the ‘Boro. Those of Scottish or Scots Irish descent and those with an interest in Scottish history and culture are invited to the dinner, sponsored by the Scottish Heritage Society of South East Georgia.
    Reservations are needed. Cost is $25/person. Contact Mrs. Beverly Presley at 106 South Edgewood Dr., Statesboro, Tel. (912) 681-3049.
    On Sunday, Jan. 28, the Kirkin 0’ the Tartans will be held in the morning service at First Presbyterian Church. This is a time for display for several dozen clan tartans and other tartans in a ceremony of rededication of clans and families to the church. The annual ceremony originated in America by Dr. Peter Marshall, famous minister of the WWII era who became chaplain of the U.S. Senate.
    He was pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Decatur before going to Washington, D.C.
    I met Dr. Peter Marshall Jr. at a dinner hosted by Kathy and Gil Riggs before he addressed a group at Pittman Park United Methodist Church several years ago.
    For several years, I carried the Black Watch tartan. Recently my neighbor, Dick Burnett, had carried the Black
Watch tartan for me and he will do so again on Jan. 28. Wife Evelyn carried the Calhoun tartan in previous years.
    Space does not permit a story of my fascination with the former Black Watch Regiment.
    Scottish Heritage Society president is Lindell Roberts. Immediate past president is Dr. Jack Proctor who continues to be active in the association.
Ramona Higgins
    We lost a dear friend on Jan. 2, with the passing of Ramona Higgins.
    She and her husband, Burton Higgins, have been great supporters. They are extraordinarily effective helpers in many Statesboro and Bulloch County endeavors — all successful.
    Uppermost was her loyal and enthusiastic membership in Statesboro First Presbyterian Church. Her participation in all projects was always consistent with her Christian ethics and lifestyle.
    Her obituary in the Herald  gave a comprehensive review of her life and achievement in numerous organizations and her personal achievements.
    Also, she had a great sense of humor! She and Burtt came out to our home and decorated our rollator walkers with Christmas things such as a horn and a sock so people could put something in them!
    I asked her one time what she did when Burton was in his creative project moods. She said, “I close the door!”
    Already Wife and I miss the frequent telephone calls.
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