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Bridge 8/8
On the big day for Beijing
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    Today sees the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games at 8:08 on 08/08/08.
    The world bridge championships will also be in Beijing, beginning on Oct. 3.
    Previously, Beijing hosted the 1995 world team championships. This was Board 58 in the Bermuda Bowl final between Canada and the United States.
    Both Wests opened one spade in the third position. At the other table, Fred Gitelman (North) overcalled one no-trump. George Mittelman (South) advanced with two clubs, Stayman, North jumped to three hearts to show his five-card suit, and South raised to four hearts.
    Eric Rodwell (East) led the club nine, North capturing West's king with his ace. Two diamonds disappeared from South on the queen and 10 of clubs. Then North, woried about spade ruffs, played a heart to the ace. When Jeff Meckstroth (West) dropped the king, North claimed two overtricks.
    In this auction, Bobby Wolff (North) first doubled, then cue-bid two spades after Bob Hamman (South) advanced with two hearts. South jumped to three no-trump, and North corrected to four hearts.
    The defense was perfect. Boris Baran (West) led his spade jack. Mark Molson (East) ruffed and cashed his diamond ace. When West encouraged with his seven, East led another diamond. West took the trick and gave East a second spade ruff for down one. (If West had discouraged in diamonds, East would have shifted to a club, hoping his partner had that ace.)
    Plus 680 and plus 100 gave Canada 13 international match points on this board, but the United States won the final by 339 imps to 296.
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