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Bridge 5/23
Strong but unsure? Use fourth suit
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    Look first at the South hand. Your partner opens one club, you respond one heart, and he rebids one spade. What would you do now?
    Oscar winner Patricia Neal said, "A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug."
    You have reason to believe that game should be makable, but even after two bids from your partner, you still do not know which game. Instead of reaching for the painkillers, call on fourth suit game-forcing. Here, you should rebid two diamonds, artificial and forcing to game, asking partner to give a further description of his hand.
    North should jump to three hearts to show three hearts and extra values: 15-17 points. Then you would raise to four hearts.
    After West leads his fourth-highest diamond, how would you plan the play?
    Note that if you had gambled by rebidding three no-trump, there would have been no miracles, going down one.
    After winning with dummy's diamond ace, you would probably cash the heart king, getting the bad news. Now ruffing your low diamonds on the board is the simplest way to avoid another loser besides the three trump tricks.
    Play a club to your ace, ruff a diamond, lead a spade to your ace, and trump the diamond jack. Now play dummy's black-suit winners until East ruffs in, which generates an extra trump trick for you. Everything is under control.
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