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Bridge 11/11
Down-to-earth bridge like it is
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New Zealand Bridge appears every two months in a small-page format. And on 11-11, here is a deal from the magazine in which each player holds one jack -- fair's fair.
    I like NZB because it is true to life. You see mistakes not just at the bridge tables, but also at the editor's desk — but none of it detracts from the fun articles. For example, I had to read this twice before I realized what had happened, then I laughed out loud.
    West's opening bid showed at least 5-5 in the minors and 6-10 points. Both of North's doubles were for penalty.
    Now read the report by editor Richard Solomon: "Anne Marie (West) led the diamond ace and followed with the diamond king, on which Nina (East) parted with her club. Barry (South), who had contributed low diamonds in both hands to the first two tricks, saw that drawing trumps was a very good idea and thus, at trick three, played the spade three to dummy's ace, and a second spade to the jack and king at trick four. Barry noted the bad break. He then led a diamond towards the queen! Only then did Anne Marie wonder what had happened to her diamond king a few tricks earlier."
    East and West were nominated for a Homer award (Homer nodding) for failing to spot the cheeky play at trick three. But Barry won the prize for pulling a penalty double for no reason (three clubs doubled can be beaten 1,400!) and for leading a trump when not on lead.
    Full details are available at
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