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Ask Dr. Gott 8/25
Reader recommends Eucerin for neuropathy
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    DEAR DR. GOTT: We have discovered a simple remedy for the discomfort of peripheral neuropathy that may be of interest to your readers.
    My husband has severe neuropathy of his lower legs and feet, a result of chemotherapies he took for lymphoma. The icy cold, hot or tingling feelings are only partly relieved by his pain medication.
    One day a pharmacist put a sample tube of a new product in his prescription bag. It was Eucerin Calming Cream. We put it on his feet to see what would happen and it helped greatly. He uses it twice a day, and it costs about $7 a tube.
    We have shared this information with five other people who have lower-extremity neuropathies, and it has helped them, too. We didn't want to keep this to ourselves.
    DEAR READER: Post-chemotherapy neuropathy can be, as many patients have learned, a serious challenge. Although few cancer survivors would refuse chemotherapy because of the side effects, the possibility of nerve pain certainly affects the quality of life.
    The treatment of neuropathy is far from being effective consistently. Consequently, I am publishing your letter because the Eucerin certainly opens up a whole new world of possibilities.
    I have recently heard from other readers that peripheral neuropathy can be controlled, in large part and in a similar manner, with the use of Vicks VapoRub rubbed on the bottoms of the feet at bedtime. White socks should be worn to bed over the Vicks to keep it from staining bed clothing.
    Thank you for writing. And give your pharmacist a hug.

    DEAR DR. GOTT: Please settle an argument. My roommate says sugar does not put weight on a person. He says eating several pieces of candy a day is not fattening because it's calories only and no fat. He says fat puts fat on a person.
    I say calories are calories and fat calories just add to cholesterol problems. He avoids meals at times and eats several peppermint candies from morning until night. According to the package, three pieces of candy have 50 calories.
    He's trying to lose weight and says missing breakfast sheds pounds. I say eat three meals a day and throw out the candy. Talk about a dilemma at dinnertime. Who's right?
    DEAR READER: You are. Although fat contains more calories gram for gram than do carbohydrates, the calories from carbs are digested much more quickly and, if not used for energy, are stored as fats, leading to unwanted weight gain. Also, sugar has no real nutritional value.
    It sounds as though your roommate could use a refresher course in nutrition. I am sending you a copy of my Health Report "A Strategy For Losing Weight: An Introduction to the No Flour, No Sugar Diet." Other readers who would like a copy should send a long, self-addressed stamped envelope and $2 to Newsletter, PO Box 167, Wickliffe, OH 44092. Be sure to mention the title.

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