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Ask Dr. Gott 3/26
Diet gives cancer patient higher quality of life
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    DEAR DR. GOTT: My husband was diagnosed with a rapidly growing malignant brain cancer in 2004. He was 57 years old.
    After reading "Acid and Alkaline" by Herman Aihara and "Death by Diet" by Robert Barefoot, I immediately put him on a no-flour diet (similar to your no-flour, no-sugar diet). My husband also started taking vitamins, minerals and some alternative herbs. He ate lots of raw or lightly steamed vegetables, fruits, teas, deep well water and no sugar drinks. He lost only 12 pounds during the 11 months of his illness. During that time, he had two head surgeries, meningitis (contracted in the hospital) and chemotherapy. The attending nurses said he was the most physically fit cancer patient they had ever seen. Although the cancer won, I feel his good health up to the last two weeks of his life was primarily due to his diet.
    I now tell my friends who want to lose weight about this way of eating and your diet (since they don't need to be as restrictive as my husband was). Most of them, however, don't seem to know how to follow through, and when hunger hits them, they grab junk food instead of something healthful.
    I believe having a well-thought-out plan including recipes will help most people who are really serious. I believe that if your no-flour, no-sugar diet had a recipe book, more people would be able to stick to the diet and enjoy the benefits of good health.
    Please finish your book, because I would love to order several copies when it is available.
    DEAR READER: Your suggestions for a well-thought-out plan make perfect sense to me. In fact, that is the thrust of my first diet book ("Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Diet"). Many of my readers have asked about finding recipes to vary the foods they eat. To help them, I have written my newest book ("Dr. Gott's No Flour, No Sugar Cook Book"). It contains more than 200 recipes. Both books are available at most bookstores or online at
    DEAR DR. GOTT: Please help. I have a male friend who is dizzy and nauseated all the time. He had had all kinds of tests and medications, but nothing seems to help. It is very discouraging, and he is starting to show signs of depression. His doctors don't seem interested, and we don't know where to turn.
    DEAR READER: It sounds to me that your friend is nauseated and dizzy because of chronic vertigo. This is a problem that stems from his ear. He desperately needs to see an ear-nose-and-throat specialist. There is therapy available for this common condition.
    While awaiting his appointment, he may wish to try Lipo-Flavonoid. (Be sure to mention this to the specialist.)
    To give you related information, I am sending you a copy of my Health Report "Ear Infections and Disorders."
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