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Christmas in July at TMT Farms a welcome distraction
Volunteer Hayden LaTulip carries a box of donated food to storage as TMT Farms hosted a July version of their annual Christmas light show to raise money and distribute food donations while giving families something to do during the COVID-19 pandemic.

 TMT Farms hosted a "Mini Christmas in July" event last week, designed to offer a distraction for local residents from dealing with COVID-19 and, more importantly, help feed the hungry.

Restrictions, business closings and social distancing have made it difficult for local families to find ways to have fun together, so organizers created the event that featured a shortened route. Antique farm equipment, classic autos, replicas of past local businesses and a western town were also available for drive-through viewing. 

There was no charge for the event, but donations of non-perishable foods, pet food and cash were accepted. The event ended last Sunday night.

pickup full
A pickup truck full of spectators takes in the sights during the light show last week.
merry go round
The old merry-go-round from Fair Road Park is one of the newer features on display.
Vehicles full of families start filing in and out at sunset.
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